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Prison Ministry

To serve the spiritual and religious needs of Catholic inmates in detention centers, county jails, federal and state prisons, as well as other inmates seeking to know about the Catholic faith and way of life. We provide this service through the chaplains and volunteers who minister in correctional facilities throughout our diocese.


When a crime is committed, it offends not only the immediate victim, but the rest of society as well. Supporting the work of faith-based rehabilitation provides those who feel powerless against crime with a practical way to do something about it. Such an approach goes to the very heart of the problem - the need for God in the lives of all who have been affected by crime. Many inmates have been abused when they were children. In turn, their victims have suffered abuse from them. In the end, the only true healing is spiritual. Only God can transform suffering into victory as He did for Jesus. (Source: DISMAS Ministry website)

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