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Labor Day Picnic

Monday, Septmeber  7, 2015 


This year we decided to celebrate Labor Day with a bang.

Brother Dan and his lovely wife Linda Greggory gratiously hosted our Labor Day Picnic in their lake house.


Brother Lon manned the grill and cooked hamburgers, hotdogs, bratwurst, and french fries.  Yuuuum they wre delicios ! Thank you Lon for cooking all these items in the awefull heat !!!


Brother Peter Wakefield decided to install a safety airbag on his scooter.... I think he received a discount from his Insurance company ! Ha ha ha !


Brother Buzz Meyer took the Ole Boat and gave boat rides to anyone who wanted  a boat ride.


Soon after, Dan took his boat out and there were two boats giving rides.


Lets not forget the jet sky....


Some of the brothers were fishing off the pier, and some were just relaxing.


I have to give thanks to all of the brothers who organized and made this event possible.


Brothers... Thank You...




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